Why use a removal company to move home?

Watching two guys trip over each other numerous times whilst trying to squeeze a sofa out of a garden gate further highlights the need for good reliable removal companies. People often ask the question 'Why should we use the services of a removal firm when we can just hire a van ourselves'? In this article we explain that a professional removal company is far more than just a couple of guys turning up with a van. We will detail the numerous benefits of hiring a removal company to take care of your house move.

Reducing stress!

Moving house is one of the most stressful times you will encounter. One way to reduce those stress levels is to hire a removal company to move your furniture and belongings to your new home.

A good removal company should not just transport your belongings, but they should guide you through the whole removal process. This can be offering pre-move advice to dropping off additional packing boxes at short notice.

So when you have enough on your plate already, why add to the stress and attempt to carry out the removal yourself.

Time saving

Time is important for everyone and using a removal firm will save you a huge amount of time. Most firms will arrive at your property early in the day and get straight to work, which is perfect if you are on a tight schedule with the Estate Agents / lenders.

Removal companies will be able to empty your property much quicker than you and this obviously applies to the other end as well where they can unload your goods in a quick and safe manner.

Protection of belongings

Removal companies are experts in what we they do. There is an art to packing goods with care. If you choose a professional firm they will have all the necessary protective equipment such as blankets, bubble-wrap, boxes etc.

Another benefit is they will usually have a van with internal racking. This allows your furniture to be securely tied to the inside of the van which is particularly important when travelling a long distance.

Some removal companies will also be fully insured, including having 'Goods in Transit' Insurance. This offers cover in the unlikely event that there is a breakage.

Additional services - e.g Packing

There are a number of added benefits to hiring a removal company. For example most firms are able to offer a packing service for an additional charge. This will involve a team arriving at your property usually the day before the move and completely packing up your property ready for the move. This is fantastic if you are a working family as you can go to work / school and come back to a fully packed house ready for the big day.

Other services include furniture dismantling and re-assembling which is good if you have large wardrobes or similar which need to be taken apart in order to fit in the van.

Heavy lifting

Furniture is often heavy and lifting / transporting bulky items is best left to the experts. This avoids the risk of potential injury when lifting in particular. Large furniture also takes up a lot of space in the van, however a good removal company will be able to pack in an order that utilises the space in the van, therefore fitting more items into the van, thus possibly saving a return trip.


Taking all the above into account, we firmly believe that using a professional removal company is a very wise decision when moving home. As well as the points mentioned above, you can often find that the prices are very reasonable.

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